Unlocking Parallel Practices
in Graphic Design.

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Emma Shipley, MFA Thesis
ArtCenter College of Design
Spring 2023

AI or LA? On first glance, AI interpretations of vernacular signage are eerily close. Scroll through to compare the two. →

Calimex Family Market
6604 N Figueroa St

A flower market in Los Angeles with a hand painted sign on the building

La Michoacana
6655 N Figueroa St

Highland Market
6901 N Figueroa St

OK Chinese Restaurant
6320 N Figueroa St

The sign for a fruit stand in los angeles

Italiano's Pizza
6500 N Figueroa St

Harnsberger Realty
6330 N Figueroa St

A mural for a flower shop in Los Angeles

Sign for a donut shop in Los Angeles

Wash Works Laundromat
6565 N Figueroa St

El Nuevo Paraiso
6711 N Figueroa St

Joe's Auto Service
6625 N Figueroa St

a sign for a flower shop in a predominately Latino neighborhood in Northeast LA

Neon sign for a noodle shop in West Hollywood

Uno Liquor and Produce Market
6655 N Figueroa St

My Taco
6300 York Blvd #4

Neon sign for a family restaurant in Northeast Los Angeles during the daytime

Palmer Tire & Auto Repair
6128 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90042

A billboard for a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles

A vibrant sign painted by hand for a Mexican bakery in Los Angeles

All Saint's Episcopal Church
5619 Monte Vista St

The York Stop Market
5941 York Blvd

A hand painted for an ice cream shop

A dingbat apartment in los angeles with big type on the walls

A sign for a laundromat in Los Angeles

Tropical Juice LA
5729 N Figueroa St

A hand-drawn menu at a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles